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Most member questions are best answered by your group administrators. Your group admins know how your group works and will know the best way to help you. You can find their email address on your group discussion page, or you can reach them directly by emailing

For example, if your organization is called food, and the group is called cheese, then contact the cheese group owners by emailing

Topicbox support cannot help you get access to a group or change your settings. If you're experiencing a bug with the Topicbox site, please let us know.

Owners and admins

Who can access support?

Organization owners, group administrators and group moderators can contact our experienced and professional Topicbox support team to resolve any problems they're having with the system. Group members should reach out to their group administrators for assistance.
Any organization owner can receive support through email and support tickets. When logged into Topicbox, use the links in the settings sidebar to view ticketscreate a new support ticket or read the help. Alternatively, support requests can be sent to us at
Private and Business organization owners can also receive support through web chat. In the Topicbox web interface, a yellow chat bubble is present in the corner of the screen whenever a support agent is online and available to help you. Chat allows you to get instant help when you need it, without needing to wait for an exchange of emails.
Business organization owners can receive phone support at 215-599-0138, ext. 4.
The same support staff are available on all channels. You'll receive the same high quality assistance no matter how you choose to contact us. Chat and phone support are available weekdays 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., US Eastern time. 
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