Team groups

What is a "Team" group?

A team group can be used when you want to define a set of users as having a special role in the organization. An organization owner puts all affected users in a particular group and marks that group as the team group on the organization settings screen.

Note: The team group does not have to be named "Team." Any previously existing group can be designated as a team group. 

What does a team group do?

If a team group is defined, it allows an extra level of group permissions to be set. Group access can be restricted to just members of the team group, preventing access by other members of the organization.

What are some examples of how team groups can be used?

  • In a business setting: 
    • Team group are employees
    • Non-team are contractors
  • In an open source community:
    • Team group are primary contributors, or people with merge permissions
    • Non-team are single-patch contributors or people with feedback, or seeking support
  • In a sports league:
    • Team group are the team coordinators
    • Non-team are the players
  • In a school system:
    • Team group are administration and teachers
    • Non-team are parents
  • In a construction company:
    • Team are the contractors
    • Non-team are the customers
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