Invite links

What's an invite link?

An invite link allows group admins and org owners to easily invite users to join groups without creating Topicbox accounts for them first.

This can be useful if

  • The group is otherwise not visible to the user
  • The group admin wants the user to control whether they join Topicbox or not. 

Adding users

The invite link panel is found by:

  1. Navigating to the group you want to invite people to.
  2. Going to the group's member list.
  3. Group admins and org owners can see the invite link controls in the side bar.

Choose whether people joining using this link are exempt from needing admin approval or must have admin approval (this overrides the group's membership settings).

Copy the link and paste it wherever you choose: email, social media, chat programs, or a newsletter.

Moderating users

Anyone trying to join via an invite link may need to be approved by an admin. Whether they are subject to approval, or exempt, is controlled by the admin approval setting on the invite link at the time the user tries to join.

Resetting the link

If the link ends up being shared with people who shouldn't have access, it can be reset. Doing so disables the original link: preventing anyone from using the old link gaining access to the group.

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