Adding members

Where to add members

There are two locations you can add members: 

  • On the member list for a group (group administrators and organization owners)
  • On the organization member list (organization owners only)

Using the Add Members button brings up the user management screen.

On the group member list

Add new members to a specific group using the group member list. Depending on where your new members are coming from, you can add members three different ways:

  1. Enter new members by typing in their addresses, or copying their addresses from an email, into the box.
  2. Uploading a list of addresses in a txt or csv file, one address per line.
  3. Choose members from other groups, who are listed on the add member page.

Every valid email address that is detected is listed for confirmation. You can then amend the list of members before adding them to the group.

On the organization member list

Adding or removing members is a four-step process.

  1. Choose whether you’re adding or removing users, and what happens to the existing group members.
  2. Prepare the list of people.
  3. Choose the affected groups.
  4. Review and go ahead; or cancel.

Choose what action to take

What are you doing: adding or removing users.

  • Adding users automatically adds them: you can choose whether to send the user a welcome email.
  • Removing users automatically removes them: you can choose whether to send the user a goodbye email to confirm.

Emails being sent (whether welcome mail or goodbye messages) are sent from the +admins address: groupname+admins@org

Prepare the list of people

Group administrators can prepare the list of people in three different ways.

1. Direct input

Useful if you only have a few people you want to add or remove from a group.

Type or paste their email addresses into the box. The list can be separated by spaces, commas, or have one address per line.

It accepts email addresses in their basic format person@domain.tld and in the standard address format which includes their name: "Name <person@domain>".

2. Upload a file

If you have a lot of people you want to add or remove from a group, you can upload a file in either text (TXT) or comma separated (CSV) format.

In the file, the email addresses must be one person per line.

Each line in a TXT file can be:

  • just an email: or <>
  • a name and email: Name <>

A CSV file can:

  • optionally: contain a heading as its first line, such as "Name", "Email" or "Email", "Name". This tells us how to treat the information in the following lines.
  • Each address line can be just an email address ( or <>), or a name and email address (Name <> or Name)

3. Copy member list from another group

You can copy the member list from another group (if you have permissions to see the member list of that group).

Choose affected group(s)

Your current group is automatically selected, but you can also choose other group memberships to alter.

Review and confirm

A final list of addresses and what action will be taken with each of them is shown. Review this list before completing the change, or cancelling.

Approving member requests

Where a group's permissions allows people to join without being invited, but their membership needs to be reviewed by a group admin or moderator, the membership request is shown in the For Review dashboard.

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