Advanced settings to customize email appearance

Advanced sending settings

On the group settings page, there are advanced settings to control how Topicbox behaves when sending email messages to the group. Use the "Show advanced preferences" link to view these settings.

Subject prefix:

  • This is added at the start of the email subject, wrapped in square brackets "[My Subject]" for all messages sent to this group.
  • This helps users visually distinguish mail from this group from their general email. Useful for people who like filtering their mail.
  • This is not shown in the online interface: it is only visible when using a mail client.
  • This is optional: you do not have to have a subject prefix for your group.

Reply To:

When someone replies to a group message using their mail client, who does their mail reply back to?

  • The reply is sent back to the group (default).
  • Send replies just to the sender,
  • Send replies to the group administrators.



This controls who appears in the “From” field in a mail client.


  • Messages can be sent from the original message author (default)
  • Messages can be sent from the group's email address (alternative option)


This controls who is in the “To” field in a mail client.

  • Messages are sent to the group’s email address (default).
  • Alternatively, messages can be sent directly to each recipient.



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