Searching for a topic

How to search for a Topic

Search all topics within a group to find the one you're after. Click or use the "/" keyboard shortcut to access the search box on a group page.

Basic search

Any topics with a sender, recipient, subject or message body that matches your search text will be returned. Searches are not case sensitive.

Advanced search

To have finer control over your search, you can provide filters.

Add more search terms and choose whether your the message(s) you're looking for need to match all of the terms, or if they can match any term. 

All the terms: cat AND dog.

Any of the terms: cat OR dog.

A search term is a word or phrase in either the email's subject, from, body or any of these (which is the default).

Results can be further filtered by a time window, by specifying a date and a window of time around that date that the message was likely to have been sent.

You can choose to only show messages that have an attachment.

About plurals and tenses

Phrases are matched using stemming: all different forms of the same word match to take into account plurals (fox, foxes) and tenses (fish, fishing, fished). This means, for example, a search for "bus" will match "buses" but not "business".


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