User limits

What is a user limit

Each plan allows a certain number of users. If you want to add more users, your billing is adjusted based on how many users are added to your organization. The user limit provides a cap on how many users you want in your organization (and therefore the maximum amount you'll be billed).

If you have a group where the general public can join themselves up without moderation, or a group admin can add or invite extra members, you may find yourself paying for more users than you expected.

The user limit ensures that you have no surprises.

Where is the user limit set?

An organization owner can set the user limit on the Billing and Plan screen, available in their settings sidebar.

What happens when the maximum users is reached?

Any new users trying to join or be added will not be able to join the organization once the limit is reached. Organization owners are emailed when the limit is reached.

You can then review the limit and

  • decide to increase which will allow new members to join,
  • decide to leave the limit as it is but remove old members, which allows new members to join within the current limit,
  • or leave the system as it is.

Trial accounts

Trial accounts are limited to a maximum of 20 users, and a maximum of 90 days. These limits can't be changed until the organization becomes a paid account. 

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