How billing works

Choose a Plan

We offer three plans: Public, Private, and Business.

Choose the best plan, according to the features you require. The plan page shows you the difference between the plan options and the cost per month, as well as the costs of adding extra users.

Billing cycle

You can choose whether you pay monthly or annually. We offer a discount if you pay annually.

Your billing date will be on the monthly or yearly anniversary of the date you first signed up.

Your subscription will be automatically processed on the billing date, using up any account credit you may have had, before then billing your saved payment type. If you have no payment information saved, you will need to manually log in and pay the subscription fee to keep your organization active.

Cost calculation

What plan you have and how many users in your organization controls your billing amount. View your member count by going to the organization settings dropdown and viewing the member list.

A user counts towards the billing calculation if they are a member of at least one group, or if they are an organization owner (who may belong to no groups).

Users do not count towards your user limit if they only have an invitation pending.

Making changes

You can change your plan at any time, and add or remove users at any time. 

Your billing cycle remains the same:

  • If you're upgrading your plan, we require that you pay the increased amount (pro-rated to the end of the current billing cycle) straight away.
  • If you're adding users, we update your account balance to reflect the pro-rated cost to the end of the billing cycle. If the amount you owe is $100 or more, then we will charge your saved payment method straight away.
  • If you're removing users or downgrading your plan, we provide a pro-rated credit to your account, to be used in the next billing cycle.

If you want to swap from monthly to annual billing, this takes effect at the next billing cycle.


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