Change member settings

Update member's name

Change a member's name by selecting the user on the organization members page.

A member's name is visible on a group's member list.

Update member's email addresses

Each user can have multiple email addresses from which they can send messages to the group. One address is the 'primary address' to which Topicbox sends mail for that user. An organization owner or a group admin can help manage these addresses by adding more. An organization owner can also change which address is the primary one.

These alternate email addresses can be useful if a user has more than one email account they want to post from. An admin might need to update this if they find a member has mail held up in moderation because the user has sent from a different account.

Owners and group admins can only change their own address through their security page, not on the member list page.

Check member's groups

Find out what groups a member belongs to, by selecting the user on the organization members page.

Update member's group settings

Change a member's notification settings by selecting the user on the organization members page.

Choose which of a member's groups to change, then update their

  • permissions: member, admin or moderator
  • sending rights: use the group defaults, or explicitly override to force moderation or bypass moderation for this member
  • delivery options: email messages, or view on the web
  • own messages: whether to email a copy of any message they send
  • group membership: remove them from this group.

You can also add the user to additional groups on this screen.

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