Organization customization

What is an organization?

An organization represents your business, social community, or any collection of people who need to work together.

An organization has groups to represent the particular goals of the community. In a business, there might be groups for: sales, support, marketing, and development. In a social setting for a sporting club, there might be groups for each team, plus a social group and an administration group. Each group has its own email address which lets people communicate.

People are invited to become members of one (or more) groups within the organization.

Organization name and description

An organization owner can change the organization name or description at any time. This doesn't change its URL or email address, just its title and descriptive text.

The name and description is visible on the All Groups page.

An organization sub-domain is limited to 30 characters: this is the part of your Topicbox URL you chose at registration. You can have (greatcompany is less than 30 characters), but not (totallygreatwonderfulamazingcompany is more than 30 characters).

Who can manage an organization?

An organization owner can change the settings and handle the billing for an organization. There can be multiple organization owners.

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