Using your own domain

All Topicbox organizations get their own custom subdomain, like, for their members to log in.

If you would like to use your own domain as the email address for groups, there are 2 options: create an alias or create a subdomain.

Create an alias at your domain

If you're already using your domain for email, you can set up an alias at your domain and forward messages sent to your alias to the appropriate Topicbox group address.

For example, you could configure an alias at your domain like: You would then set up mail forwarding for this alias to redirect all messages sent to to  

This allows you to provide your members with a custom alias that they can use to send messages to your Topicbox groups. Your groups' mail headers and web interface would still show the address at your Topicbox subdomain.

Create a subdomain 

If your domain is being used for email for anything besides Topicbox groups, we cannot use that domain, but you can use a subdomain or separately registered domain that's just for Topicbox.    

Some examples of domains or subdomains you could use at are:,,, or

Once your subdomain is set up, we will ask you to update your DNS to point the MX records to Topicbox. Then, we'll update your groups to use your new domain. At that point, your members would be able to send their messages to, and Topicbox would identify the group as using that domain.

The Topicbox MX servers are:

(Priority set to 10)

To ensure your organization's messages pass authentication, please create the CNAME records.  Assuming your domain is, you should create:

Type: CNAME ➔ ➔ ➔

Once you've taken the above steps, please contact support at so we can update your groups to use your custom domain.

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