Unblocking members with delivery failures

Why does a member get a delivery failure?

Sometimes members are unable to receive email. This is called a delivery failure. It occurs because they cancel their account with their email host, or their mailbox is full, or their email provider is offline for a time or a number of other reasons that may cause problems with receiving email.

When this happens, any mail sent by Topicbox to this member is bounced back to the Topicbox servers as being undeliverable. When we have ongoing delivery failures reported for a particular email address, we

  • stop sending them email
  • mark them as having delivery failures in the interface.

Resume sending email

To resume sending email, we need to know that the member can receive email again. Either by verifying that the issues with their current email address are resolved, or by updating to a new email address.

An organization owner can:

  • update the member's email address

The member can:

  • log in, using a code emailed to them. 
  • log in using their password (if they have one), and 
    • use the verify link at the top of their screen to check their address can receive again, or
    • change their own email address
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