Topic moderation

Group Administrators/Moderators only

What is moderation?

By default, messages sent to a group are sent on to its members instantly.

Alternatively, it is possible to require messages to be approved before they are released to the group. This is called moderation. 

How moderation works

A group administrator or an organization owner can choose which group of people are allowed to send to a group, and whether their mail still needs to be reviewed.

They can also choose what happens to message sent from people who aren't allowed to contact the group: these messages can still be held for approval (before potentially being sent through to the group) or just outright trashed.

Taking action on held or discarded messages

When messages are being held for moderation, an administrator or moderator can review and choose to approve or reject them on the For Review screen.

  • Approving a message sends it to the group.
  • Rejecting a message silently moves it to the discard list. The group is not notified and neither is the sender.

Using the "Show discarded messages" checkbox also reveals any messages that have been rejected. Rejected messages can still be approved which will send them to the group. If this happens, it usually means the sender needs to add an alt address to their account, or 

Clicking on a message shows the full message and information about the sender which explains why the message was held or discarded. 

No information is sent to the original sender, no matter whether the message is accepted or rejected.

When permissions change

A message is held or rejected according to the permissions that were in place at the time the message was received by Topicbox. If permissions change (such as a user being granted group admin rights, or the group send/reject permissions changing), this does not apply retrospectively.

Messages will remain held or discarded even if, according to the new permission rules, they would be sent.

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