Basic group settings

What is a group?

A group is a collection of members within an organization who can discuss topics of importance to them. This could be a sporting team, a software project, a team within a business, a school group, or any other group of people who want to discuss over email. By organizing your Topicbox organization into various groups, you can help streamline discussions and make sure members are connected to the discussions pertinent to them.

An organization can have many groups, each one having its own purpose, and groups can be public or private.

Create and manage a group

An organization owner can choose whether only organization owners can create groups, or whether members can also create groups.


  • The name of this group. 
  • Visible on the website showing all the groups in the organization. Also shown in the email footer.


  • The email address for contacting a group is set when the group is created.
  • Usually in the form <group>@<organization>
  • If the organization is using a custom domain, then it will be <group>@<custom domain>
  • The email name is limited to 30 characters.  




  • More detailed description of what this group is for.
  • Visible on the website on the group detail page.


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