New topics: staying up to date

What's a "New" topic?
Topicbox flags messages you haven't read on the web, so you can see at a glance the new discussions.
How does Topicbox know what I've read?
When you view a message, all older messages in that group are also marked as read.
If you open the newest message, all messages will be marked as read. When you next visit, the only unread messages will be those that arrived in the meanwhile.
If you start with the oldest message, then newer topics will still be marked as unread when you return.
I want to mark everything as read
To quickly mark ALL groups as read to the current date and time, use the keyboard shortcut: shift + esc.
If you need to undo this, pressing ctrl + z immediately afterwards will reset the message state.
How does this work with my email?
Topicbox does not know what messages you've read in your email and cannot adjust the unread markers on the web.
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