How do I receive messages?

You can choose how you want to receive messages for each group you belong to.


One email per message

Every message sent to a group is also sent to you in an email. 

This keeps you up to date with conversations as they happen, enabling you to respond from your favourite email client.


One summary email per day across all groups

Topicbox can send you a summary email showing activity across all the groups you have set to summary mode.

This ensures your inbox doesn't fill up with every single message, but you are still kept in the loop with the activity in groups you don't closely follow.


Web view only

No email is sent to you about any message in a particular group. You can still view all the conversations through the web interface online, whether on a desktop or on a mobile device.

Whether you just prefer to log in to stay on top of your messages, or for groups that you don't actively participate in, web view is the way to go.

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