How do I log in to Topicbox?

We have several options for logging in to your Topicbox account, depending on your needs. 

By default, we send a one-time code to your email address. You can change how you log in at any time by going to Profile & Security.

Log in with a one-time code

We can send a one-time code to your email address that you use to log in.

  1. Go to your Topicbox organization.

  2. When prompted to log in, enter your email address and click Next.

  3. An email containing a one-time code will be sent to your email address. You will have 10 minutes to use the code.

  4. Return to your Topicbox organization and enter the one-time code, then click Log In.

Log in with a password

You can set a password for logging in to Topicbox.

  1. Go to your Profile & Security screen and enter your password to unlock the page.
  2. In the Login section, click Set a Password.

  3. Enter in your desired password and click Change Password.

  4. After this is set up, you will be able to log in using this password the next time you access your Topicbox organization.

If you set a password for your account, you can also choose to log into Topicbox with two-step authentication

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