Is Topicbox a listserv/mailing list?

Topicbox can absolutely function as a replacement for your listserve or mailing list, whether it's hosted on a Mailman or majordomo install, or you use a listserve service like Google Groups or Yahoo Groups.

We think Topicbox is better than a listserve for organizations with more than one listserve (what we call a group.) Most listserves are centered around the idea of the group, and Topicbox is centered around the idea of the organization.

Topicbox makes it easier for administrators to:

  • get an overview of all the groups they manage
  • see all a member's groups and settings in one place
  • treat members as "trusted"

Trusted members can:

  • create new groups
  • see a list of available groups to join
  • see who is a member of a group

All members should find it easier to:

  • skim messages across all their groups (in the News Center)
  • search groups
  • manage high-volume groups (with a single Daily Summary instead of a digest for every group)
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