What is Topicbox?

Supercharge your team's email with Topicbox.

Topicbox is a service designed specifically for discussion lists and in-house communication.

Create an organization, set up smaller groups, and use conversation threads or "topics" to easily communicate with all group members at once.

How Topicbox works

The Topicbox web interface makes it easy for members to participate in multiple groups within an organization. Members can also read and respond to conversations via email, or choose to receive a daily summary of topics.

  • Your organization will have its own Topicbox subdomain where you can access our web interface: yourorganization.topicbox.com (or your own domain)
  • Each group you create for your organization will also have its own URL, where you can see the group's topics and change your delivery settings: yourorganization.topicbox.com/group
  • Each group will also have its own email address, where you can send or receive group messages instead of accessing the web interface: group@yourorganization.topicbox.com

You can also set different administrators for each of your groups. Group administrators have a For Review dashboard, where they can approve members that are added to a group as well as messages that are sent to a group.

Have questions or need help?

We provide support through email, support tickets, web chat, and over the phone:

  • Any organization owner can contact support through our email ticketing system, regardless of subscription plan level.
  • Private-level organization owners can contact support through email and web chat.
  • Business-level organization owners can contact support through email, web chat, and phone.

The same support staff are available on all channels, so you'll receive excellent support no matter what plan you choose.

If you have questions about our service or need help setting up a trial account, please feel free to contact our support team.

About Topicbox

Topicbox was designed with the same technology used by the discussion service Listbox, acquired by Fastmail in late 2015. Our service uses a shared central archive to give your team a living knowledge base, and helps control of the flow of group email.

We chose the name "Topicbox" to reinforce one of the best reasons to use email for discussions: communicating through email helps you stay “on topic,” when compared to chat or other short message services.


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